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Dog coat standard


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Dog coat standard




  • Warm Winter Clothes, Pets Dog Jackets
  • length 12″ To 32″
  • Suitable for all dog breeds

Due to difference in  dog sizes within each breed
strongly recommend that every dog is measured before a coat is purchased. customers need to measure between the neck and the base of the tail of their dog. This will be  easy for you  to make the right selection.

Size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large
Size in Length 20-26 Cm / 8-10″ 26-36 Cm / 10-14″ 36-46 Cm / 14-18″ 46-56 Cm / 18-22″ 56-66 Cm / 22-26″ 66-77 Cm/ 26-30″
Breeds Bichon Frise Jack Russell Cavalier K Charles Beagle Wermaraner German Shepherd
Chihuahua Pekingese Fox Terrier Springer Spaniel Setter Labrador
Yorkshire Border Terrier West Highland Poodle(Standard)

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