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Brush Soft

150.00 100.00


Brush Soft

150.00 100.00


Scoobee’s Wooden Pin Brush  is great for daily coat care of your beloved pet. This pin brush is perfect for grooming your dog even if he has a very sensitive skin. Scoobee’s Wooden Pin Brush is a good choice for dog breeds of all hair types as it stimulates the skin and distributes healthy natural oils to leave your furry friend with a softer, shinier coat. This brush can also be used to fluff your dog’s hair by using it against the direction of the hair growth. Scoobee’s pin brush comes on a wooden base which looks very elegant and classy. The rounded pins rest on a cushion in the brush so that your dog gets a soothing feel.

This Brush is perfectly suitable for all small dog breeds.

  • A great tool for grooming your dog
  • Stimulates skin
  • Classic wooden base
  • Perfectly ideal for dogs with thick, curly or woolly coats
  • Pins rest on a cushioned base which ensures a soothing experience

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Weight 150 g
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